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My Interview With Cricut Product Expert Melody Lane

My Interview With Cricut Product Expert Melody Lane

My interview with Cricut Product Expert Melody Lane took place on Tuesday, April 14, 2020. I have been a huge fan of hers for several years. I follow her on Facebook and YouTube. She is the ultimate product expert when it comes to learning how to use the Cricut and Design Space.

My Interview With Cricut Product Expert Melody Lane

The Interview

Me: How did you get started with the Cricut?

Melody: I was sewing and making quilts and wanted to make appliqu├ęs to put on my quilts. Joann Fabric had a Cricut on sale for $59, so I went to YouTube and looked up videos on the Cricut. I wanted learn how to cut fabric and I found videos on paper crafting. I didn’t realize it was a thing.

Me: When did you start using the Cricut?

Melody: I started using the Cricut in 2011.

Me: What do you mainly use the Cricut for?

Melody: I use it for work.

What Do You Love The Most About Cricut

Me: What do you love the most about the Cricut.

Melody: It can make things for you and you just put it together. I get my inspiration from Design Space and I like to build things like boxes.

Me: When a new Cricut item is released, do you run right out and buy it?

Melody: Sometimes. It depends on if it’s on sale or if it’s something I want to use right now, then I will buy it. If it’s something I want to share with everyone, I will buy it. I will wait for a sale for things like pens.

Me: What do you enjoy doing the most with your Cricut?

Melody: Paper crafting, 3d projects and building projects.

Me: How did your life change after you started using the Cricut?

Melody: I loved my job doing hair, but I wanted to learn how to make money with the Cricut so I could work from home. I researched YouTube on how to make money from blogging and videos. I learned everything from the internet.

Me: What is your greatest achievement since you started using the Cricut?

Melody: I got a plaque from YouTube for getting 100,000 subscribers. My other greatest achievement is I was able to buy a house.

Me: What motivates you?

Melody: My audience. The more interaction I have with them, the more it inspires me.

Me: How do you stay organized?

Melody: I have an assistant.

Achieving Success

Me: How have you achieved your success?

Melody: I have been successful with videos. I always try to be myself, and I only show stuff I love. I am honest and that helps with gaining my audience’s trust, which is important. Being excited about what you are doing and loving it gets everyone excited. I also try to be happy.

Me: What is something you wish you had known starting out?

Melody: I wish I had known about keeping a schedule on YouTube. There is less stress sticking to a schedule. My audience knows when to come. It helps me grow my YouTube channel better.

Follow Melody on Facebook and YouTube!

Here are the links to her Facebook Group Melody Lane Designs and her YouTube channel Melody Lane. Definitely check them out.

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