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What The Vinyl

I had a request yesterday from a new subscriber asking what’s the difference between the different types of vinyl. I realized this would be a really great topic to research and write a post about.

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There are 2 main types of vinyl. There is adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl (HTV).

Adhesive Vinyl

Adhesive vinyl comes in several brands, thicknesses and tons of colors.

Oracle 631

Oracle 631 is an adhesive vinyl that has a matte finish. It’s good for indoor projects and ideal for removable wall decals, shadow boxes, picture frames and ornaments.

Oracle 651

Oracle 651 is also an adhesive vinyl that is permanent. It stands up to heavy use and can be used outdoors. It’s ideal for items that you would hand wash like mugs, cups, tumblers and even outdoor signs.

HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl)

HTV is not sticky and is fused on with a heat press or an iron. It has a semi-gloss/satin finish and comes in a variety of colors and styles (metallic, holographic, glitter and more).

When working with HTV, make sure you mirror your design and place it on the mat with the shiny side facing down before cutting. After you cut your design, apply it to your garment with your heat press, and then remove the carrier sheet.

HTV is ideal for anything that has a fabric surface that can handle heat. Things like t-shirts, aprons, canvas tote bags, stuffed animals and even socks.

If you use the Cricut EasyPress be sure to consult the Cricut Heat Guide for times and temps. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions if using a heat press or an iron.

A lot of the time I use Cricut brand vinyl and HTV, which I’ve had great success with. I’ve decorated wine glasses and Yeti cups with the regular vinyl and decorated makeup bags, t-shirts and tote bags with the HTV.

I have also been known to order vinyl or HTV from I really like the Siser Easyweed and Starcraft vinyl.

If you have any questions about using vinyl, let me know in the comment section below.

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