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How To Make A Mock-up Using Cricut Design Space

Have you ever wanted to see what a finished product looks like before actually making it? Do you sell your finished projects but don’t want to waste product creating samples. Have I got the perfect hack for you. How to make a mock-up using Cricut Design Space is the answer to your problem, and today I’m showing you exactly how to do it.

If you’re not sure what a mock-up is, it’s an image of a finished product without actually making the product.

How do you do this? Just take a photo of the surface of your blank project, overlay a digital copy of your design on top, and you’ve got a complete image of what your finished project will look like. You can now share this with your customers.

Making The Mock-Up

Take a photo of your blank project surface. I used a backdrop from Ink and Elm (they have lots of great choices) and a 2T tee shirt for this project.

Upload your image to Cricut Design Space.

How To Make A Mock-up Using Cricut Design Space

Choose “Complex.”


Click “Continue” and then the “Print Then Cut Image” option. Then click on the “Upload” button.

You will see your photo on the “Recent Uploads” screen. Click on the image you just uploaded and click on “Insert Image.”

This will insert your image into Design Space.

Next, type your text that you want to overlay onto the image you have uploaded.

Overlay text onto the image and resize it to fit the area.

The Finished Product

I made four mock-ups.

I really enjoyed doing this. It’s such a great way to be creative, but in a different way.

Definitely try this hack of how to make a mock-up using Cricut Design Space, especially if you are selling your products and don’t want to waste materials.

If you make some please share it in my Facebook community so I can see what cool mock-ups you’ve made.

Until next time.


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