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Festive Patriotic Decor

Who’s having a party and/or cookout on the 4th of July and needs some festive patriotic decor? There will probably be lots of food and drink to celebrate with. I haven’t done anything on the 4th of July since I got divorced in 2002. It’s a shame, I know. It’s one of those things I just won’t go and do by myself. However, I’m thinking about going to the parade in my town this year.

It would be fun to do a cookout at the pool, but it might be kind of weird. I have never had good luck with trying to grill out. I actually caught an electric grill on fire once trying to cook hamburgers in my driveway.

If you are having a celebration with friends, you may be looking for some party decor ideas. Here are a couple of ideas for you that you can make with your Cricut.

I saw this wine glass in a Facebook group I belong to and fell in love with it. So, I got on Cricut Design Space and created one for myself. It’s so festive I want to make five more!!! Then I would have to have a party just so I could use them, right!

How cute is this, right! I just love how this turnede out. Here’s the file if you would like to make some for yourself.

I bought the wine glass from Dollar Tree but you can also get them from Amazon by the case (I did that too!). I used Cricut Adhesive Foil for the design.

Cupcake Toppers

I also make cupcake toppers, so naturally I have patriotic toppers.

I made these with my Cricut Maker. All the designs are in Design Space.

Cupcake toppers are easy to make. You just need a front and a back, and the middle layers if there are any, a toothpick and you are good to go.

Take some time to make some festive patriotic decor.

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment.

Until next time, happy 4th of July.


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  1. Laura Payne

    I love the wine glasses!! So cute!

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